My journey and artistic practice principles

My name is Liz and I am a multimedia artist based in Cambridgeshire, UK.  I returned to education as a mature student, completing my BA(hons) Fine Art Degree (2017) and my MA Fine Art Degree (2021) at the Cambridge School of Art.

Apart from a short adventure in Spain, I have lived on the boarders of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire for most of my life, and adore the vast open skies and flat landscape afforded to me by East Anglia’s Fenlands.

My past series of works have included contemporary drawings, prints and installations, all of which use lines as my main motif, which I have continued in my ceramics works. 

Towards the end of my MA, I began focusing on ceramics to explore the notion of the ‘imperfect’. I fell in love with ceramics as a medium and have decided to make it a permanent aspect of my artistic practice and life in general. 

At present I am influenced by Japanese Zen philosophies including ‘Mushin’ which roughly translates as a state of mind ‘…achieved when a person’s mind is free from anger, fear, judgment or the ego during combat or everyday life…’, a meditative state I enter when I create the line drawings which I inlay onto some of my works including my MA  ‘Embrace’ ceramic series.

 All of my ceramic forms carry an element of chance in that although I am always striving for the ‘perfect’ form, part of my artist practice is to embrace the shapes which emerge from my throwing sessions. Therefore, although the works share a common language, each piece is unique.  

Presently I reference the principle of Wabi Sabi, ‘…an intuitive appreciation of a transient beauty in the physical world that reflects the irreversible flow of life in the spiritual world…’, within my works by accepting natural imperfections as part of the work’s character and the use of contrasting and/or textured glazes to hint at nature and the passing of time.